Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

Photos of events

Quizz Evening 30th September 2017

Quizz Night 8th July 2017

Nicolas Ordination on July 1st

Christmas Market                             26th November 2016

St Georges choir with Archbishop Justin Welby at Saint Joseph des Carmes on 17th November 2016

Harvest Mass 2nd October 2016

 40th Anniversary of Fr Martin Draper's Ordination at St James, Sussex Gardens, London on Saturday 1st October 2016

Napoleon. An interview with Professor Peter Hicks

Professor Peter Hicks, Historien et chargé d'affaires internationales, Fondation Napoléon, and Director of Music at St. George's was interviewed on the 20th April 2016 by Olivier Bellamy on Radio Classique. To hear the interview click on the button below. 

The Parish Retreat February 2016:  Abbey of Œlenburg in Alsace

Quizz night 30th January 2016 

Retreat in Trier Germany

13-15th February 2015

Many thanks to all who came on the Trier Weekend. We turned out to be very fortunate with the weather and also to be staying in a relatively central location which made seeing the sights (of which there were several) much more practical. The time was deliberately spaced between the more 'retreat' style activities of praying, bible study (on the theme of creation) and a bit of silence, and the more active, sight-seeing features including a fair amount of eating and drinking. We stayed in the Gästehaus der Barmherzigen Brüder and (rather surprisingly at first) found we have to walk through the main entrance section to the hospital affiliated to the same religious community in order to reach the guest house in a quiet area round the rear of the building. The rooms and food were good, however, and a very reasonable rate. Some of our number attended the community's own Sunday morning Mass and were really very moved by it, while most of the rest of us were equally impressed by the grandeur of Trier Cathedral. Saturday evening was particularly convivial as we dined in a restaurant specifically recommended to me by the guest house staff and were then generously treated to some wine afterwards by one of the churchwardens! All in all I hope the occasion proved both informative and refreshing for people and that others will wish to join in next time we organize something similar.   Fr. Andrew

Wine tasting evening                            4th February 2015

Christmas Market 2014

Concert Oecuménique à St Pierre de Chaillot 14th November 2014
Concert on 12th November 2014
Matines in Caen on 15th June 2014

A Special Eucharist on the Feast of St Bruno  was held on Saturday 6th October 2012, celebrated by Fr Richard at the Martyrium in Paris, the ancient Pilgrimage centre of St Denis, where St Ignatius and his six companions consecrated their lives to Christ.

Our Anglo-Malagasy Event, Dancing with Angels, on the Feast of St Michael's and All Angels, involving traditional Malagasy and Scottish dancing, was a resounding success, raising over 500 euros for the Anglican Church in Madagascar.

Our Malagasy Community had a wonderful fundraising evening recently with a dinner, song and dance.


08:30 - Said Eucharist
10:30 - Sunday Eucharist


18:00 - Evening Prayer

18:30 - Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

18:00 - Evening Prayer


18:00 - Evening Prayer

18:30 - Eucharist

12:00 - Eucharist


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