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Study Diary

The sessions are as follows:


Book Club Thursday 1st October 20h30 Mere Christianity

Bible Study Session #1 20h30 Thursday 8th October 

Bible Study Session #2 20h30 Thursday 15th October 


There is no meeting during the School holidays


Book Club Thursday 5th November 20h30 The Breath of Night 

Bible Study Session #3 20h30 Thursday 12th November

Bible Study Session #4 20h30 Thursday 19th November

Bible Study Session #5 20h30 Thursday 26th November

Book Club Thursday 3rd December 20h30 The Betrothed

Bible Study Session #6 20h30 Thursday 10th December


Bible Study at St George's

Sometimes I'm baldly asked 'are you born again'? It feels like there's only one acceptable answer but it's not the one I want to give; 'yes, at 6 weeks old in the waters of baptism'. John writing to new Christians wanted to encourge them to live the new life that baptism gives even though they were surrounded by a confusing world which believed that it was knowledge gnosis that made a person perfect. 

The world of the Roman Empire around the Mediterranean welcomed this new gnosis that came from the East. Astrology, cards, angels and leylines were significant ways of 'knowing' the universe. John shows the Christian life is about about the whole person - not just what they say they believe but what they do too.

Come along (via Zoom) to the Bible Study - email for the Zoom invitation - and discover how John wanted us to come alive in Christ and how that can make a real difference in your life. This is an inductive Bible study, designed to help you discover what God is saying to you. The questions on the sheet are there for you to use or not but come prepared because you'll get more out of the session. Have a look at the first couple of weeks below:

Week 1
Fellowship and Forgiveness 1 John 1
1 John_1.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [57.0 KB]
Week Two
Walking and Talking the Truth 1 John 2.1-11
1 John_2.pdf
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Week Three
Encouragement and Warning: 1 John 2.12-17
1 John_3.pdf
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Week Four
How Important is theology? I John 2.18-27
1 John_4.pdf
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St George's Theology Book Club

The purpose of the St George’s Book Club is to offer a forum for theological reflection, debate, and discussion so we can grow in faith.


It is especially intended as a way in which adult formation can continue in our parish through the autumn and winter of 2020/21, during which time it is highly likely at least some elements of Covid restrictions will remain in place. For this reason, our book club will meet once a month online via Zoom.


The idea is that a book is discussed each time we meet. It would be ideal to have read the book before the seminar, but if you are still half way through or just starting, don’t let that stop you joining us.


It is expected that participants acquire their own copies of the texts to be discussed. All of the books proposed are currently in print as paperbacks and can be obtained cheaply via or at


Please send an email to who will then send you the link to the Zoom meeting.


We will discuss the following texts on the following dates:


Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
Thursday 8th October 20h30

One of the most popular and beloved introductions to the concept of faith ever written, ‘Mere Christianity’ has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The book brings together C.S. Lewis’s legendary radio broadcasts during the war years, in which he set out simply to ‘explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times’.


Rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianity’s many denominations, ‘Mere Christianity’ provides an unequalled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to absorb a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.


Many people have read Lewis’ fictional works such as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but never dipped their toe in his more philosophical and devotional texts – come and give “Mere Christianity” a go.


The Breath of Night by Michael Arditti

Thursday 5th November 20h30

This is a complicated mystery that explores whether a murdered priest deserves sainthood for his work in the Philippines. The Spectator writes,


‘Michael Arditti has written about seekers after miracle cures at Lourdes. This novel is much more ambitious in scope and  complexity but investigates some of the same moral dilemmas. He is a Christian writer who does not let his co-religionists, the churches or God off the hook. But he is not a Christian apologist, using fiction to persuade. He is intelligent and thought-provoking and he does not let his reader off any hooks either. But if you go into this sinewy novel expecting food for thought, do not be surprised when you also find ‘a cracking good read’.’


Perhaps the best of many good lines is: “To listen to one’s conscience is to hear the authentic voice of God.”


Don’t expect feel-good, old-time religion here, but you can expect a satisfying storyline in this thoughtful, well-written novel.


The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni
Thursday 3rd December 20h30

Set in Lombardy during the Spanish occupation of the late 1620s, The Betrothed tells the story of two young lovers, Renzo and Lucia, prevented from marrying by the petty tyrant Don Rodrigo, who desires Lucia for himself.

The novel includes some of the most famous descriptions of the Great Milanese Plague of 1630, and heroically portrays the Church’s response to a time of pestilential trial.


Forced to flee from their home, Renzo and Lucia are then cruelly separated, and must face many dangers including plague, famine and imprisonment, and confront a variety of strange characters – the mysterious Nun of Monza, the fiery Father Cristoforo and the sinister ‘Unnamed’ – in their struggle to be reunited. A vigorous portrayal of enduring passion, The Betrothed’s exploration of love, power and faith presents a whirling panorama of seventeenth-century Italian life and is one of the greatest European historical novels.


The Calendar...

The calendar below is a mixture of religious, social, musical and other events which form part of the life at Saint George's. The Seasons of the Christian Calendar are listed in the Worship with us section of this site. 

Les données sont chargées...



08:30 - Holy Communion (1662)

10:30 - Solemn Eucharist


18:00 - Evening Prayer

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12:00 - Eucharist

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18:00 - Evening Prayer

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