Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

St George's Theology Book Club

The purpose of the St George’s Book Club is to offer a forum for theological reflection, debate, and discussion so we can grow in faith.

It is especially intended as a way in which adult formation can continue in our parish through the autumn and winter of 2020/21, during which time it is highly likely at least some elements of Covid restrictions will remain in place. For this reason, our book club will meet once a month online via Zoom.

The idea is that a book is discussed each time we meet. It would be ideal to have read the book before the seminar, but if you are still half way through or just starting, don’t let that stop you joining us.

It is expected that participants acquire their own copies of the texts to be discussed. All of the books proposed are currently in print as paperbacks and can be obtained cheaply via or at

Please send an email to who will then send you the link to the Zoom meeting.

We will discuss the following texts on the following dates:

Paradiso by Dante on the 28th October

The Song of Hild Vibeke Vasbo ISBN 978-1-910519-86-8 on the 25th November


The Calendar...

The calendar below is a mixture of religious, social, musical and other events which form part of the life at Saint George's. The Seasons of the Christian Calendar are listed in the Worship with us section of this site. 

Les données sont chargées...


08:30 - Holy Communion (1662)

10:30 - Solemn Eucharist


18:00 -  Evening Prayer & Eucharist


09:15 - Morning Prayer         

18:00 - Evening Prayer & Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

18:00 - Evening Prayer then                  Exposition of the Blessed              Sacrament till 19:00


09:15 - Morning Prayer               

18:00 - Evening Prayer & Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

For more information on services see "Worship with us"


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