Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

Sunday Eucharist at 10:30

Our 10:30 Eucharist every Sunday is the centre of our week at St. George's. It is our main service and also a time when we join together as a community.


During this service we have our Choir, the Sunday School for the children and the Crèche for the young ones. The service is always followed by drinks in the parish hall and often there is a delicious lunch available for those who would like to stay. 

We warmly welcome all Christians in Paris to our worship and our community.

As an Anglican Church we warmly welcome all Christian's to join us in worship and to become part of our community. All who are baptised and communicant members of one of the Christian churches are welcome to receive communion with us. Those who are prevented from doing so by their conscience, or the discipline of their Church, are most welcome to come to the altar for a blessing at the time of communion.

Here, in the very heart of this busy city, we aim to be a place of the holy, a place of silence and of prayer. As you come to visit us today or to stay, we hope and pray that you may feel something of the wonder and loving mystery of our God, and may feel drawn gently into His sacred presence.


Our church and our services are mainly in English, but our community is made up of people from many countries around the world, including some whose mother-tongue is French. We also have a substantial Malagasy congregation at St. George’s.


We celebrate a spoken Eucharist on most weekdays in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the church, a quiet liturgical service with a meditative atmosphere, to which you are very welcome indeed.


08:30 - Said Eucharist
10:30 - Sunday Eucharist


18:00 - Evening Prayer

18:30 - Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

18:00 - Evening Prayer


18:00 - Evening Prayer

18:30 - Eucharist

12:00 - Eucharist


For more information on services see "Worship with us"


Saint George's Anglican Church Paris
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