Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

Worship: Frequently Asked Questions

Is St. George's a traditional or evangelical church?

St. George's, Paris is an Anglican Church, and the services used are those authorised by the Church of England. St. George's leans towards the traditional, Anglo-Catholic form of worship and liturgy. We have an excellent choir and music forms an important part of our Sunday Eucharist.  

Are the services in English or in French?

Our services are mainly in English, with one reading in French. Our community is made up of people from many countries around the world, including some whose mother-tongue is French.

Can I receive communion?

All who are baptised and communicant members of one of the Christian churches are welcome to receive communion with us. Those who are prevented from doing so by their conscience, or the discipline of their Church, are most welcome to come to the altar for a blessing at the time of communion.


08:30 - Holy Communion (1662)

10:30 - Solemn Eucharist


18:00 -  Evening Prayer & Eucharist


09:15 - Morning Prayer         

18:00 - Evening Prayer & Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

18:00 - Evening Prayer then                  Exposition of the Blessed              Sacrament till 19:00


09:15 - Morning Prayer               

18:00 - Evening Prayer & Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

For more information on services see "Worship with us"


Saint George's Anglican Church Paris
7 rue Auguste Vacquerie,

75116 Paris


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