Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

Welcome to St George's Anglican Church, Paris

Dear Friends, welcome to St. George's Anglican Church in Paris. Our community consists of many Christians from many different countries and walks of life, who seek to respond to God's love for us and for his world in our daily lives and by developing a welcoming and caring community of faith together.


We're living in peculiar times but St George's continues with open doors and hearts to welcome you to worship with us.

Our normal weekly service pattern has been restored albeit with social distancing and a lot of extra sanitising! If you're wondering what to do when you arrive at Church watch the video below.


If you are continuing to self-isolate or are part of Greater St George's across the globe you can share in our services as we livestream or via our channel :




Finding us is easy! St George's is located in the heart of Paris, a short walk from the Place Charles de Gaulle-Etoile. Click here for a map and directions. St George's is an Anglican Church of the Diocese in Europe, which forms part of the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion.

The Summer Programme begins on Friday 15th July 2022 till the 1st September.
This means on Sunday there is a Eucharist at 0830 (BCP) and the Solemn Eucharist at 1030.
There is a Eucharist at 1830 on Thursday too but no public offices or daily Eucharist during the summer season.
We hope you enjoy your summer - a time of rest and recreation when you'll find time for yourself, those you love and for the God who loves you.

SAFEGUARDING NOTICE:  We take the safety and care of children, young people and vulnerable adults within our community incredibly seriously.  Here is our Safeguarding Policy. If you have any questions or concerns at any time please contact our Safeguarding Officer, Anne-Marie Mba (





08:30 - Holy Communion (1662)

10:30 - Solemn Eucharist


18:00 -  Evening Prayer & Eucharist


09:15 - Morning Prayer         

18:00 - Evening Prayer & Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

18:00 - Evening Prayer then                  Exposition of the Blessed              Sacrament till 19:00


09:15 - Morning Prayer               

18:00 - Evening Prayer & Eucharist


12:00 - Eucharist

For more information on services see "Worship with us"


Saint George's Anglican Church Paris
7 rue Auguste Vacquerie,

75116 Paris


t: +33 (0)1 47 20 22 51


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