Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

Our Malagasy congregation

Connections with the Anglican Church in Madagascar go back to the time of Fr Cardew. During the French Colonial period an address in Metropolitan France was demanded for any missionary church, but it was with the arrival of Fr Philippe Toutain as an Hon. Asst. Chaplain in 1987 that the Malagasy Congregation began. 


Currently led by Fr Nicolas Razafindratsima, with an ordinand in training, the congregation is going from strength to strength, with two Eucharists on Sunday afternoon (1st & 3rd - 16h30) and on Zoom Office (2nd - 16h00). 


If you want to know more or explore the Anglican church in Madagascar click here. 

The Licensing of Fr Nicolas by Bishop David Hamid in 2022.

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08:30    Holy Communion (1662)

10:30    Solemn Eucharist

16:30    Messe Malgache

               (1st & 3rd Sundays

                of the month)


18:00            Evening Prayer 

18:30            Eucharist


09:15            Morning Prayer         

18:00            Evening Prayer

18:30            Eucharist


12:00            Eucharist

18:00            Evening Prayer followed by Exposition of the                                Blessed Sacrament


09:15            Morning Prayer     18:00            Evening Prayer

18:30            Eucharist


19:00            Stations of the Cross

                       by Zoom


12:00           Eucharist

18:00           L'eucharistie

                       en français

For more information on services see "Worship"


Saint George's Church, Paris
7 rue Auguste Vacquerie,

75116 Paris


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