Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris
Saint George's Anglican Church, Paris

Part of the Christian Family

With the Worldwide Church, with our Ecumenical Partners and Fellow Anglicans in Paris

The statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus at St. George's The statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus at St. George's

English churches and congregations have been established on the Continent since before the Reformation. The number of these grew to such an extent that in 1633 congregations of the Church of England in all foreign countries were placed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London 

(London then being the chief port of England). Anglican dioceses and then provinces were later formed in all parts of the world outside the United Kingdom.


The Church of England maintains friendly relations with other Christian churches in mainland Europe and is committed to the quest for the full visible unity of the Church. Other churches "in communion" are the Old Catholic churches of the Union of Utrecht and the Lutheran churches of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. Special agreements also exist with the Evangelical Church in Germany (The Meissen Agreement) and the Roman Catholic Church in France ("Twinnings and Exchanges"). 


The Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA) has also established six churches in Europe. They are under the jurisdiction of the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA. Since 1971 they have been placed in the care of the Bishop-in-Charge of the American Convocation in Europe. The Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church and the Lusitanian Church (Portugal) are also full member churches of the Anglican Communion.

Other Anglican churches in and around Paris

We are part of the Diocese in Europe, which is part of the Church of England:

There is also an Episcopal (US) Convocation of churches, whose bishop is also an assistant in our diocese:

The Church of England

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08:30    Holy Communion (1662)

10:30    Solemn Eucharist

16:30    Messe Malgache

               (1st & 3rd Sundays

                of the month)


18:00            Evening Prayer 

18:30            Eucharist


09:15            Morning Prayer         

18:00            Evening Prayer

18:30            Eucharist


12:00            Eucharist

18:00            Evening Prayer followed by Exposition of the                                Blessed Sacrament


09:15            Morning Prayer     18:00            Evening Prayer

18:30            Eucharist


19:00            Stations of the Cross

                       by Zoom


12:00           Eucharist

18:00           L'eucharistie

                       en français

For more information on services see "Worship"


Saint George's Church, Paris
7 rue Auguste Vacquerie,

75116 Paris


t: +33 (0)1 47 20 22 51


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